Monday, February 4, 2008

The Finish Line

I can't wait until I get my nano! I have to decide if I want red or pink! Decisions...Decisions.
It was a ton of work, but what fun I had.
Now, what shall I do next. I feel a little lost with out an assignment to do. Don't get me wrong there's still plenty to do.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Back to Thing 6

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I forgot that I needed this one so I had to go back!

This was so much easier than Flicker.

This trading card would be great for student project. They could really have a fun time with it. They could make trading cards of historical figures or characters they have been reading about. Really cool.

My kids at school love when I do my Fancy Nancy reading. There is not a week that goes by that someone doesn't call me Fancy Nancy.


The 23 things have been one wild ride!
This has been like riding a really big roller coaster.I have really enjoyed the 23 things most of the time, at other times it has been very frustrating & I felt like I would never make progress on some of the tasks. some points have been like the straight parts of the coaster where you have to work to build up some momentum. There have been a couple of times that I thought that I would plummet into the ground.

There have been ups & downs along the way. The high points of this project that I will contine to use and explore are the Google Tools & online productivity tools. I love the idea of having access to my work from any computer & not having to have a disk or flash drive with me. I think that this will be a great tool for students productivity. I really enjoyed Library Thing. I want to go back to it & enter all the info on all of my books. I plan to branch out try a few suggestions. I will be interested to see if they are a good match. I have to say that my abousolute high point was Animoto. I really loved doing that task. You look so totally impressive to everyone when you show that off. The online image generators & mashups were lots of fun too. I know that I will use these to create fun images to use in my marketing of the library. I would have to say that social networking, tagging, & podcasts are going to have to build some momentum & I will have to put work into those, eventually they will grow on me. My plummet into the ground moment has been flikr. It has given me huge grief.

When I began the "ride" of librarianship, the bottom tag under my email stated "The library...More than books". This adventure of 23 things has show that to be abundantly obvious. In the digital age it is so much more than helping kids find books & become readers. It's about finding the information that will help them succeed. They need to leave us knowing where & how to conduct that search.

I wanted to find a photo or video to illustrate this experience in a vivid way. Ignore the fact that this is an ad. Put yourself in the position of little old Six Flags man and you will make the emotional connection. At least I hope that you will.

Thing 23

Creative Commons allows people to borrow, use or change another's work to fit their purpose. You can use just an idea, an image, exact wording or perhaps the format of anothers work if they have published it with a creative commons license. This license lets people know that you don't mind sharing your creation, perhaps just certain parts or the entire thing, you would just like a little credit for your work.
You don't even need written permission to use the work.

The not Disney movie that we watched is an excellent example of cc. The movie producers took tiny snippets of the movie & and remixed them to create their tale of copyright ins & outs.

I still am fuzzy on how one uses cc correctly. I'm pretty sure that Animoto uses cc on the songs & picture montages that they create. I'm sure that as time marches on I will come to a better understanding of Creative Commons.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thing 22

How much fun! I love that I have this way to remember my L.A, Thanksgiving. It was so gorgeous! I had a great time but could not live there.

Animoto is so easy to use and it looks like you have spent HOURS or even DAYS working on your movie. I will definately be doing this again. You could send a fun greeting to people this way too. I'm actually a sentimental person & this just makes me remember really special times & places.

This could be so much fun to do for the kids, with special pictures of programs or projects. Then you could put it on the website.

Thing 21

I have to admit that I'm not very psyched about podcasts. I don't think that I have found really good ones that apeal to me as of yet. In the Educational Podcast Directory I found a podcast that deals with using a SMART BOARD. I will pass that along to my teachers that use the Promethean Boards, they might get some helpful hints.

I Tried a couple of services & just didn't find anything that hooked me in. I read Paula's post & feel a little more hopeful with her information about Teaching Books.
I will definately look into that.

I think that I am about to become an expert because my principal is thinking about writing a grant to get ipods from the foundation for students. I intend to pass our lesson from the 23 thngs on to her, so she can have additional information.

Thing 20

I have had sooo much fun with You Tube. I can see how people get addicted to it. There are a ton of things that are NOT worth the space that they take up. on the other hand there is some really great stuff. The Tidy Bol commericial reminded me of when I was a kid. I had a great belly laugh watching some stuff this afternoon. I am really surprised that no one came looking to see what was going on.

You tube could be a great way to support curriculum or find author interviews like the one that I found and embedded in my blog. I would never turn a kid loose on You Tube, If I used something like this in the library I would download it first. Robert Sabuda is a favorite of mine & the kids absolutely love his work. I had 3 of the Prehistorica pop-up books last year & I am finally taking them out of circulation. The kids have begged me not to, but they are literally in pieces. Take a look at the video of his interview.